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    Coachella withdrawal. For serious.

  2. I was just digging through my old ticket stubs and found this gem. It’s always interesting to see what you were doing 15 years and one day ago, yeah?

    Here’s what I remember about that gig (and every bit of this is true, I swear on Mr. Pink). I begrugingly accepted this ticket to see Blur since I obviously hated them even though I really never listened to them. Oasis hated them, so I hated them. Blur was the first album of theirs that I really sat down and listened to and I have to admit I liked it, so I was a bit intrigued about the show. I don’t remember many specifics of the gig (but boy oh boy look at that setlist!) but I do remember being struck by how energetic Damon was, especially compared to The Greatest Frontman of All Time.  When the gig was over I was pretty much converted and decided I would go back and check out their other albums and give them a fair shake.

    The band held a small after party backstage after the gig and I was invited to join. I grabbed a drink and was talking to two friends when all of a sudden Damon came up and started chatting with us. I was very nervous talking to him and after a quick mental calculation, decided I was not going to bring up the brothers Gallagher. There was no sense being that guy. So we chatted about football for a few minutes when one of the guys I was with asked Damon something about Liam Gallagher. Damon let out this big sigh, finished the rest of his drink in one gulp and said “Right lads, I’m off” and then walked away. The worst part was everyone backstage assumed it was me that pissed him off and wouldn’t believe otherwise!

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  4. peabs:


    If this was from the in-store they did at Tower on West 4th and Broadway just before Blur was released, I was there. My first time seeing the band.

    I would later meet Damon at a gig they did at the Supper Club on the ensuing US tour and talked to him for a good 5 minutes without saying the “O” word.  But some wanker next to me said something about Britpop and Oasis and Albarn just sighed, took a sip of the drink he was holding and looked at us and said, “Alright chaps, I’m off.”

    True story.

  5. Video: Blur perform Country House on BBC 4

    The next time someone tries to tell how how fucking cool Damon Albarn is, just show them this video.


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