1. "You can’t speed chemistry up. I think the more practice, the more you get familiar with each other. There’s no hit the fast forward button here. You’ve got Comcast. Some shows you can’t fast forward through. You’ve just got to let it go through and watch the silly ass commercials and be pissed, right? This is what this is. Did I just take a shot at Comcast? Fuck it, I did it. So what? I’m a DirecTV guy anyway. This is what this is. I’m not helping myself, am I? Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Who cares? Anyway, that’s what this is. We totally messed that up, right? Goddamned, we just totally messed that up. But this is one of those things where it just takes its course and you can’t speed anything up."
    — Kevin Garnett, everyone! At least he didn’t make any uzi references.

  2. "Michael Eisner knew that the NFL was unlike any other programming, and he used it to impose the most dramatic rate increase ever on cable customers. ESPN raised their rates more than 20 percent for seven straight years. We just didn’t see that coming."

    Brian Roberts, CEO, Comcast (A guy that knows a thing or two about raising rates every year).

    I think everyone is missing the point on this ESPN book. It’s not the story of how ESPN came into prominence. I mean, yes, it is, but it’s really a behind the scene look at why your cable bill is so fucking expensive.


    Before the rate increase above weas enacted, cable subscribers paid 40 cents each for ESPN. When this was done, we were paying $3.20 each. Now I believe it’s around $6.50. Think about that next time you watch Sportscenter.