1. Saw my 14th Morrissey concert last night and got to shoot the show for the third time. I always love seeing Moz in concert but last night’s show was more for the occasional fan, not the die-hards. Too much “Ouija Board, Ouija Board” and “Meat Is Murder” and not enough “Jack The Ripper” and “Disappointed.” That said “You’re The One For Me, Fatty” and “Alma Matters” were pretty great. More photos of Moz’s mom jeans on the blog.


  2. Argh!

    There are no tickets available in the Morrissey pre-sale.

    How am I supposed to complain about this if Twitter is down?


  3. "…someone came in and said ‘Five minutes to stage time’, and we said to Morrissey ‘Come back and see us for a drink afterwards, we’re having an after-show party’, and he said ‘Oh don’t worry about that, I’m only staying for the first three songs’. We’re like ‘Well, at least he’s being honest’."

  5. "U2 have an enormous Star Wars set with drumsticks that light up northern Africa, and a sound system that would drown out an earthquake. I can’t compete with that. Not with my post office savings account. All I have to offer the world are songs."

  6. "To top off all the pageantry, ‘Very best of Morrissey’ (EMI/Major Minor) has yet to tunnel its way into what we older types refer to as Record Shops – six days after intended release. The gallant HMV has yet to stock it, and did not manage to stock the ‘Glamorous glue’ single until four days after its scheduled release. In fact, the CD of ‘Glamorous glue’ did not EVER make it to HMV. With ‘Very best of’ I face my first ever non-chart placing – which I shall bear with dignity, although I could never be unkind enough to express my views on EMI’s failings. It was John Lennon who coined the phrase ‘Every Mistake Imaginable’. I shall not repeat it here."


  8. Morrissey is now managed by Ron Laffitte, who is based in Los Angeles.

  9. Music photographer Andy Fallon talks about shooting Morrissey



  10. While there’s nothing wrong with a Morrissey solo hits comp, that is never going to give you the whole story. Jeremy Allen, Jude Rogers, Alex Ogg, Will Parkhouse, Ben Graham, Tom Milway, Joseph Stannard and Petra Davis explain their non-hit single choices…