1. Wishing The Chief a very happy birthday today. Have it large!

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  2. Noel plays “Let The Lord Shine A LIght On Me” for the first time ever in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


  3. "I’ll put it this way to you: the first two Oasis albums were a complete and utter dictatorship, and they’re the best records we ever made. Democracies are bollocks; they don’t really work. British bands generally have two people driving them, and two or three people in the passenger seats. In Oasis we tried to do something different – I wrote one half of the album, they’d write the other half. We’d try to make it concise and have a narrative but eventually you’d run into a brick wall. One song would never quite run into the next and the balance was all wrong. We got it right once on Don’t Believe The Truth but there was too much compromise and trying to keep everybody in the band happy. Oasis in its essence was me doing the writing and Liam doing the singing. As the years progressed, I wrote less and he sang less and then it became something else."
    — Noel Gallagher, Resurrection Man

  4. "The premise of Oasis’ career happening in reverse is an interesting thought experiment and not altogether incorrect (had this inverted sequence actually transpired, it’s easy to imagine the kind of person who’d argue that “Supersonic” sucks and that the real Oasis music can only be found on the likes of Heathen Chemistry)."

  5. "Let’s say my career had gone backwards. Let say this new solo album had been my debut, and it was my last two records that sold 20 million copies instead of the first two records. Had this been the case, all the other albums leading up to those last two would be considered a fucking journey. They would be perceived as albums that represent the road to greatness. But just because it started off great doesn’t make those other albums any less of a journey. I’ll use an American football analogy since we’re in America: Let’s say you’re behind with two minutes to go and you come back to tie the game. It almost feels like you’ve won. Right? But let’s say you’ve been ahead the whole game and you allow the opponent to tie things up in the final two minutes. Then it feels like you’ve lost. But the fact of the matter is it’s still a fucking tie. The only difference is perception. And the fact of the matter is that Oasis sold 55 million records. If people think we were never good after the ’90s, that’s irrelevant."

  6. "When you like a band, you want to hear about the good times. When you love a band, you want to hear about the bad times. I want to hear about Be Here Now."

  7. "In Britain, we don’t get earthquakes or hurricanes. But my assumption is that the preconceived notion of what will happen is usually pretty far off the mark. It will probably be windy. I was here once when they were shutting down the city when there was supposed to be a hurricane. I was like, ‘This is what it’s fucking like in London every fucking day.’ What’s wrong with these people?"
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    woooooooowww *o*

    HAHA, nice one, NME. Still, I like it. And I liked Heathen Chemistry. 

    Typical Liam. He blasts Noel for intending to use songs written for Oasis on Noel’s forthcoming solo album, but he turns around and uses a throwaway from Heathen Chemistry (written by Gem no less!) for the first Beady Eye single. Can’t have it both ways, brother.

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