1. "I feel like I’ve given all my best songs to the B-sides for all the singles, from Definitely Maybe onwards. I feel like I’ve wasted two albums worth of songs. They came out as The Masterplan, but really, that should have been the third album."

    Noel Gallagher.

    Regrets, he’s had a few.

  2. First rule of portraits: HEAD IN A CLEAN SPOT!

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  3. The Chief breaks out “(I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine” at a German festival. Ace.

  4. A few quick thoughts on The Chief’s show at the Warner Theater in DC. This was a good counter point for me as I shot this show and was *ahem* of clearer mind than I was when I saw him in Boston last year. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, even though the setlist was the same except for two songs (more on that in a minute).

    One thing that stood out at this show was the weaker songs for me actually sounded pretty great. “The Death of You and Me” had a more straight ahead and horn-less arrangement and that helped tremendously. Even “Broken Arrow” and “Solider Boys and Jesus Freaks” seemed to fit in with the set better last night. “Stranded On the Wrong Beach” still does great as the main set closer, I think thats a underrated tune with a very strong groove. It’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

    As for the encore and the one new song to the set. I had been watching the setlists for the European tour (even though they NEVER change) and Noel had added “Whatever” in as the first song of the encore and I was holding my breath when they came back on stage after the break, hoping and praying that he wouldn’t drop it form the set. He didn’t and it was BRILLIANT. I love that song and hadn’t heard it played live since September of 1996! As a result, “Wonderwall” was dropped from the set, and while I like WW much more than “Don’t Look Back In Anger,” trading that for “Whatever” is definitely an upgrade.

    Noel’s stage banter was in rare form last night. Lots of cursing, sharp quips, witty remarks and Mario Balotelli shout-outs. He’s becoming quite a frontman.

    Last night’s crowd also deserves mention. It wasn’t as rowdy as the Boston fans from last year, but everyone stood up for the whole show and sang along with gusto. It was a great environment that doesn’t always happen in this town, so cheers everyone!

    I am heading to Detroit this weekend to do the whole thing over again (sans camera) so I am very much looking forward to this weekend. Last night was my 21st time seeing Liam or Noel perform, so Saturday at the Royal Oak Music Theater will be #22!

    I’ll have more photos up today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!

    Lastly, feel free to reblog this photo, but please don’t re-use it without my permission.

  5. Brilliant. #fistbump

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