1. Just in case anyone missed this over the holidays.


  2. Now playing: Mew, “Snow Brigade” from the album Frengers.

    I’ll find you somewhere / Show you how much I care
    Know that there is
    no / escape from my Snow Brigade


  3. Now Playing: Surfer Blood, “Anchorage”

    Had this one on repeat since last week.  Love the chugging guitars and the woah woah woahs.

    Amazon has the mp3 album for just $5. Or grab it from eMusic.


  4. Now Playing: Sloan, “Ill Placed Trust” from Never Hear The End Of It

    It pains me that I have missed Sloan the last two times they played the greater-D.C. metro area.  Both nights I had other shows to see. I used to work at a company that doubled as Sloan’s distribution company in the late ’90s and I saw Sloan multiple times and never really paid attention to them.  I wasn’t into them at all.  But for some reason I really got into them after I moved to D.C.  I listen to Between The Bridges (mixed by Chris Shaw!!) and A-Sides Win so many times I had to remove them from my iTunes library.

    Also, this post is an excuse to link to this photo.


  5. Now Playing: Paul Weller “Thinking of You” (Sister Sledge cover - Live at the BBC)

    This song has completely made me rethink my stance on disco.  That’s how good it is.


  6. Stream the new track “Longform.”  Sounds a bit more produced than their older stuff but still has the acoustic guitar + drums foundation. V. much looking forward to the upcoming album.


  7. Now Playing: Sweetness & Light by Lush

    Without a doubt one of my 10 or 15 all-time favorite songs.  It’s like a burst of sunshine coming through your earbuds. I never get tired of this track.